About The Company

"The Bookkeeper" was founded in 2003 by Sonia Rae Warmack. Since then we have built a reputation for providing high quality service with integrity, which is the backbone of our company.

With more than 37 years combined experience in the bookkeeping field, we understand small business accounting and bookkeeping needs, especially since we are a small business!

"The Bookkeeper" provides a way for small businesses and sole-proprietors to access specialized skills and services without having to maintain an in-house bookkeeper and without the risk and expense of hiring and/or training an employee.

A Note from the Owner

I started my company 20 years ago after leaving a job as the full-charge bookkeeper for a small family-owned catering business to stay home with my children.

In 2007 after working with several CPA's in the area on small projects, I was introduced to my first Jimmy John's franchise ownership group who owned a store in Elk River, MN. I spent those first couple years slowly growing the company, learning the Jimmy John's processes and refining my techniques.

In 2010 I moved out of my home office into a small office space located at the end of my block. At that time I made a decision to specialize in Jimmy John's franchise bookkeeping. Since then, I have expanded space, expanded staff and expanded my knowledge of the Jimmy John's brand. Solely by client referrals and word of mouth I have grown from that one locally owned store and that one ownership group to over 50 independent stores and nine ownership groups across seven states. I make it a point to know the complete ins and outs of the financial side of the operations.

Not only have I refined my bookkeeping techniques and practices, I have a unique perspective on the operations that I share across the board with the franchise owners and their staff. I have a hard-nosed, no nonsense attitude to "getting it done and getting it done right". I have built my company on honesty and integrity and I am a firm believer in communication and follow through.

I whole heartedly believe in the brand and the processes promoted at the corporate level. As you might say in the business..."I drink the kool-aid", so much so that in April of 2012 I became an investment only, owner in a store in Minot, ND.

Like Jimmy used to say (man, I miss the energy of that guy!)...you can't manage what you can't measure and I am here to help you measure. Please feel free to contact me with ANY questions.


                                 Sonia Rae Warmack



2012 Convention - Las Vegas